Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Verdict Is In

did you need a DNA sample to tell this is a dog? Personally, I think it was just a story to give Maine a spotlight on the CNN website. Hybrid mutant evil monster my ass. It's a chow. & now it's a dead chow being picked at by vultures & weirdos.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Really - I don't see it

My poignant, yet endearing daughter just came to me with a random statement. She wanted to know what I'd like to change into next. Considering my options I told her pajamas. She departed my company and returned clutching what appeared to be a Barbie in need of some serious hair help.

"Here you are Mumma, in your jamies." placing this thing on my desk...

"What makes you call this one me?" I ask to the back of my daughter's witty little head.

"Please" she replies, "don't make me get a mirror."


You can't ignore the cold wet nose.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Skintimates & Me

I spent a whole night by my onesie. Yup; just me in my house ALONE (I don't count the critters that I feed because at any point I could end their miserable existance & not suffer horrible consiquences for it.) ... guess what I did. CLEANED. Found my way to the Dollar Store to stock up on necessities like Swiffer Pads, bleach tabs, new toilet brushes (one for each head), some comet & those apple spice air fresheners I love. I went to town. Not just the regular wipe down & spruce up, this was the REAL DEAL. I got that little attachment on my vacuume out & cleaned behind the TV. Who knew it was a Mecca for dust bunnies & rollie pollie bugs? Once all was said & done I felt comfie in my exceptionally clean abode so I redirected all this hygenic energy inward. (According to my hubby, this doesn't happen often enough...) I whipped out my newly purchased shaving gear & went to soaking & shaving. I purchased saving gel - which I hadn't used since 1995 - when I was single & a brand new razor - a good one, not previously used by husband. The thought here: if I have nice new girlie products, I may be more inclined to use them on a frequent basis... I did wake up this am in my wicked clean place, no body bugging me for breakfast or nukkie, with that totally comfortable in my silky skin & sheets feeling. I liked it. Maybe I'll shave again soon.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Captain looks at 34

I'm a good friend, right? I call, I email, I visit... I offer input & advice as the need arises. Not to say I'm perfect, NaNo! I have in the recent past dropped right off the face of the planet. Traded my whole life in for what's behind port hole #1 then jumped ship. Only to resurface a year later as a starving boat captain who missed her family, friends & life. I know what it feels like to be happy & in love and furthermore; I know what it feels like to be lonely & afraid. I've watched my daughter learn to ride her bike & fall ever so close to the busy road with my heart in my throat. But what can you do? Not teach her to ride for fear of impending doom? Nope, ya can't do that with your best friend either. No amount of fear driven, heart pumping terror for what lies ahead can stop them from doing what they need to do. It's my station as a best friend & mumma to keep them from being run over by the city bus while standing quietly on the side cheering them on. If I seem particularly quiet - don't mind me... I'm just trying to swallow my heart.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

mine are duds

No matter how many times I click my heels - I never seem to make it home.