Friday, August 11, 2006

Opps Minor Fib....

According to my disgruntled husband, I must remove the last post on this site. Disregard the contents & keep in mind I have a very twisted sense of humor.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To Kill A Rat

I've laid my traps. A feast fit for royalty has been prepared. Come my pretties, come. As dusk approaches I watch the amber hue of the street lights glow. Soon, I'll open my bottle of red, taking my glass & my place to watch the festivities. Let the rat bastards come tonight. Let their dainty little feet tiptoe across my wooden rails with the agility of a tight rope artist. I relish the thought of no weapons. The greed of mine enemy will consume him. Come my pretties come, your table awaits.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


summer's over.... I hate leaving Maine. There is always so much I didn't get to do & people I didn't get to hang with... it just sucks. Fortunately, Mom & Wade spending the winter here in FLA will help with my home sickness. Just bought their tickets online today Nov. 1 they depart. Having family around will make the winter go by faster. I shouldn't crab because as my husband puts it - ' how many people get a six week vacation or more every year? ' It's not all fun & reindeer games though. We work hard while we're there. Always something to do, move, fix, split, pile, burn or make better. Then there's the fun & games & Bender Weekend. If it weren't for me, most of you would have nothing to talk about!!! I'll make a cd copy of the pictures from Olivia's Luau for those interested & send it to Alicia. I hope to get some photos of the summer back from those who took pictures.

Back to the grind. Look for more postings & keep in touch.