Thursday, February 08, 2007

The End of an Era

Feb 8, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith dies The former Playmate died after collapsing in a Florida hotel, one of her lawyers said. ยป Read article on

Well kids, this is the end of one of my long admired heroes. Here's a trailer park girl from Texas who used her assets to make it happen in life. Instead of doing the obvious thing by buying herself an education & healthy dose of self esteem, she willingly publicized her bubble-headedness on cable television in a blatant effort to gain notoriety (which I might add, WORKED!). As if that weren't enough to fund her overindulgent spending habits, she sold her soul to a fad diet pharmacy & had THE make-over of the 21st century fully exposed to all forms of media. Lost a kid - gained a kid & still looked like a f'in barbie doll doing it! Shame isn't it- Only the good die young.

Anna Nicole, you're my hero. RIP A.N.S. with love, the Captain

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm sick

Some crazy kidborne bug got me. I am not a very cooperative sick person. This whole staying home business & feeling miserable is horrible for me. It'll be better soon but for now.... arrrggggg.