Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Planets, stars & my new JOB

Sometimes, right in front of your eyes, the planets line up & the stars fall into sync & the whole world, just for one brief minute, is Right. This job at Liv's school fell into my lap quite litterally last week in the form of a notice sent home by her classroom teacher who heard I had a teaching degree. She notified me of a job, I called the lady, we set up a time & here I am. I start Sept. 5 as a Literacy Success Program teacher working with remedial readers & writers in their classrooms. I have a part time school calendar meaning I don't work on days of major testing or holidays or in-service days. I only work when Livi goes to school. I am only there for 5 hours per day and they don't want me to have to do testing or record keeping. No parent meetings or staff meetings or curriculum reviews or IEP meetings. I just go there when Liv is there, teach some kids & go home - no homework to grade or tests to correct. Is this perfect or what??? Like I've said in the past - I am lucky! At least for this brief moment in time; the cosmos are working for me!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Almost Done...

Whilest my friends are chitter chattering away about silk panties & tatoos - We have been hard at work almost finishing the lounge. We ran out of roofing screws & poor old johnie law was so sun burned his head looked purple so the project will have to wait until next weekend to tie up. Here's what it's looking like:

Don't be fooled. I didn't do most of any sort of manual labor. I was tool wench & water girl. My mom will now have a dry & shady place to continue her plight toward lung cancer. Plenty of room for others.... Did you see the really cool sky light they put in for my plants? I'm so lucky.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Smoking Lounge

Our weekend project is underway. Yesterday was spent gathering lumber & material then framing. Today we will tack down the fiberglass roofing & VOILA... the waterproof, sunproof Mother-in-law smoking lounge. The hot tub will be relocated somewhere outside the awning as will the fire pot. Let's hope she's not 'Gone with the Wind' before mother-in-law gets to enjoy it.