Friday, March 09, 2007

What a Week

This is a record. Two weeks of standardized testing takes it's toll on not just students; but teachers too! Let's try to recap the happenings in a more condensed, blogger-friendly version:

1. I broke my brand new phone

2. I backed into the garage door with my newish truck

3. I lost my brand new broken phone

4. fixed my truck, the garage door, bought a new brand new phone & found my broken phone

Life is like that, sometimes you win & sometimes, to hell with it all.

Olivia started playing softball. I love that she likes it. She's not exactly a natural at the game but I find joy in the fact that she may follow a couple of my footsteps.

I did our taxes MYSELF! & we get a little bit of change back - that's good news. Rental houses are challenging but the captain muddled through it. We still have a 4/2 if anyone is interested in renting in the hood.

We are not moving - that is definite! There is no way either of us could bare the snow & cold & all that goes along with it. Plus there are no suckers out there who could be convinced that buying our home is a good idea. Our insurance policy disclosure shows another shortage for next year.... go figure! Those bastards are setting us all up to be homeless. I don't know anyone here who will be able to afford to stay if there is no end to this mayhem. Even the filthy rich are struggling to stay afloat with this outrageous Insurance nightmare.