Saturday, June 09, 2007

A day in my life...

07:00 Alarm Sounds (roll off the air mattress onto the dirty wooden floor)
07:10 pee & clean with 15 teenage counselors
07:30 Find COFFEE
07:50 Flag Ceremony
08:00 Breakfast
08:20 Cabin inspection (of course mine is clean & tidy!)
08:30 Morning program AKA - the Ropes Course
09:00 Geared up with helmet & harness in 93 degree heat & sun
09:15 Climb 40' telephone pole by small rusty staples, reach the top, walk/run across a 35' wire with ropes, to another telephone pole platform. get fitted into swing & plummet to the ground attached only to two ropes & a harness at 105 miles per hour.
09:40 Catch breath
10:40 Still catching breath
11:30 dismantle ropes course while catching breath
11:45 Prepare lunch
12:05 lunch
12:45 Blessed Turtle Time (nap time where you don't have to do anything except prepare for your next event which for me is moving from one wretched cabin to another.... no nap for me, move, clean, clean & assemble..)
13:00 skim 50 yard pool & pressure spray deck
14:30 Ski slope instruction (I'm one of the two people who have seen snow & know what to do with said equipment.)
16:00 Arts & crafts Instruction, make name tags for us & all 130 kids
17:15 wash up for dinner
17:50 Flag ceremony
18:00 Dinner is served
18:45 Dining Hall is Cleaned
19:00 Evening program, read your "what not to do to kids" manual aloud to each other.
21:00 Prepare first aid kits for each of the cabins so the counselors will hopefully know what to do with severed parts & poisonous bites.
21:45 Find my offspring & try to get her into the shower along with soap & myself.
22:30 Kill every living bug in our sleeping space.
23:00 lay down in our bunks
23:15 Get up to turn our portable fan up to high (note no A/C &still 93 degrees)
23:17 kill every other living bug in our sleeping space.
23:30 assure the offspring that all bugs are dead & she can sleep.
23:45 Walk offspring to bath house for one final pee.
24:00 kill every other living bug in our sleeping space & fall into bed in a vegetative state.

Then do it all over again.