Friday, June 16, 2006

I have a problem with the scoring process of my daughter's Pinellas County Schools testing. I know I shouldn't bitch but this is perplexing me to the point of blogging. Olivia was tested recently & previously for the gifted program by the Pinellas County Schools. They determined in Kindergarten that she was exceptional and then in 1st grade that her behavior and classroom interactions warrented an IQ test. Ok, I'll buy that cuz she's got a higher reading level than most adults I know, given the level of the bar and common public ignorance...she could be construded as 'Bright'. What I don't get is how she could possibly be in the 99.4% of the kids in the county her age. Primarily because, her best little buddy is in the 99.78%. They do not attend the same school but are together frequently after school & during nonschool times. Not only do they live near one another, but are close friends & pole dancing buddies. What my male counterpart & I have derteminded is that there are say 30 students in each class, 4 classes in each of the 33 elementary schools making 3660 six year old in 1st going into 2nd grades in Pinellas Public Schools next year. Try to keep up. In essense this is what we figured statistically according to the grading curve:

If you lined up all of the children her age in her class in Pinellas County Schools, you would have 3660 kids in a not-so-very straight line. Do the math; this would make Olivia somewhere in the 7th or 8th place in that line starting with the smartest ass kid in the county and her little buddy number 6 or 7....How is it possible? The two have been friends since 2 years of age. What is the probability that the two of them would have any contact with one another let alone be this tight out of 3660 kids? VERY SLIM I tell you!! This leads me to believe none other than the facts have been skewed somehow. Not that two don't deserve recognition, THEY DO!! But to say they are amongst the top 10 smartest children in the county in their age group... PLEASE... Have you seen my daughter's latest hair cut she administered in a fit of giftedness?

The test is, I dare say, inaccurate. Believe you me, I'm not going to spend my retirement fund just yet with all hopes that prosperity lies with my 'Gifted' daughter. If your child was tested, you may consider the same facts... or if it's baffling you, ask the two girls, they'll walk you through the statistics slowly, very slowly. Be sure to take notes.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hurricane Season

You Can't Reason With Hurricane Season!!! Welcome to Alberto, our favorite first F'in storm. You'd think this wouldn't bother us anymore but alas, I am still glued to NOAA and trying to get more info from the county than they care to share. Did you know there is no exact wind speed at which they close the bridges? For instance if you have loved ones in Sarasota or Tampa at say, ummm work, there is no cut & dry line as to when to tell them to jump ship and come home. They could potentially be trapped in another county. There should be a deffinate wind speed at which it is unsafe to be on the bridge and officials ie. the Mayors of our cities, elected officials for EMC, DOT and the news stations should know this line. It's kinda important!!! They can tell you at what speed the traffic is moving but is vague as to when the whole thing shuts down. The FHP makes that call... so says DOT... YIPPIE - when you may ask? Well, when 'conditions are too hazardous' would be the answer the omnipitant powers agree. Hummm, so the whole evacuate or don't idea is up to some 23 year old powertripping FHP Rookie watching the waves crashing on the Meisner with our fate in his WICKED EXPERIENCED hands. I feel good about this. Tell me again why we don't just sell it all and buy a tow truck in rural Maine? You Can't Reason With Hurricane Officials.