Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rules Of The Tour:

Rules of The Tour

  1. All tour members must be at least 29 years of age, 6' (shoes count), over 150lbs, & have big hair.
  2. Boyz may never drive the BUG.
  3. No boyz may be part of the tour. Roadies & drivers only.
  4. Shoes, clothes, glasses, purses & cell phones may or may not be part of the tour but must be recovered the following day.
  6. NO puking in the truck especially if you are the driver.
  7. No 'W' questions.
  8. Names are simply not important.

You're either part of the tour, part of the audience or a casualty of the tour. Rock on.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Billy Agans Live on Ybor Beach

Come party with Billy & The Big Hair Fan Club this weekend and through June on Ybor beach at some of our fine dining/drinking establishments. Posted here is Billy's Schedule and a happy shot of the cofounders of The Big Hair Fan Club. We Love Billy!!!!

Here's where & when Billy will play this month:
June 8, 9, & 10 Jeff's Bent Elbow 9pm - 1am
June 13 Ricky T's Bch Bar 7 - 11pm
June 16 & 17 Ferg's Beach Shack 6 - 10pm
June 19 Ricky T's Bch Bar 7 - 11pm
June 22 & 23 Jeff's Bent Elbow 9pm - 1am

We will be partying like Rock Stars with Billy on Saturday night. Join us.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Journey North

Soon we take the big trek north as we do every year. This year has been a bit later than usual as I am working to support a new SUV & Matt couldn't get the time off when we requested it. Our scheduled departure date is June 30 in the evening. We will be traveling in THE Big Red Van with an uncle, Matt, Livi & Myself. I believe the dog will be staying in Florida again this year due to my mother's anti-social cat. Why do we feed these animals? Kelly & Stinky Uncle Dan will be the care takers of our worldly possessions - someone please remind them that the cat is still alive, & may need food/water. (As well as our yard!!!)

Matt & Uncle will be returning for work on Monday July 17 - Not sure of their return schedule precisely yet but both will be available on their cells.

I'll try to keep the blog going with photos & info from Maine but as you all know how I am with the camera, this will be difficult. Stay safe this season & we'll post anything of interest as we find it.

Maine 2006; June 30 - August 2.

K,M,O & U

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend between our 16' Dauntless Yacht & Uncle's 34' Magnum. Pass A Grille was crowded as usual but the weather & water were perfect. The Mag's experienced some mechanical error due to a sand storm but a good time was had by all. Uncle will now spend the next 6 months before his dad gets back from NH removing all the sand he pounded into the engine. Damn Bottom!!! Gotta love a day on the water.

Olivia had a particularly good time and we got

some sweet shots of her on the boat.