Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever watched the big cats in the zoos or at Busch Gardens? They have paths worn in the grassy habitats where they've walked, ney, paced around and around. The curious nature of zoo behaviors like this have always puzzled me. They have not been starved or mistreated yet they watch the people with pure instinct. That raw natural energy that you can see, right in the eyes of the animal. As if they are saying, "just come a little closer and I'll drag you through the fence." I've often wondered if it's anixiety about a lack of hunting or fear of people. Deep down I believe that animals with fangs were meant to hunt. If that is physically taken away, there is a break in the synaps. They short out a little. I also believe that animals are naturally afraid of humans - as they should be, look at the shit we do. Perhaps, it is a combination of the two feelings that causes the big cats to pace ardently in their contained environments. Or maybe, it's the need to be free, not captive, not tended to but on ones own that produces such a ritual.

I was just trying to hash out why I have worn a pathway in my carpeting today. Open to suggestions. But I think I know the anwser... I'll share when I'm sure I know!