Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day

Yum, the holiday has come & gone. There was too much food, too much drink & not enough napping. Everything turned out just fine. Ma is feeling a little sinusy & weed is a little hung over but overall - things went well. A week at home has made me not want to go back to work. Soon Christmas will be here & there will be two weeks at home for us. Should we put the tree up or not? Still debating on that one. Grammie & Dude will arrive next week so the house will be even more full. Gotta love it! Everyone is Fat & sassy on this end...

Gobble Gobble....

Monday, November 20, 2006

Attention Spanless

This week we begin the heavy task of holiday shopping & planning. We have an entire week off from school to get it together but alas, we would rather play dress up & blog!
If you have a holiday suggestion for gifts or a recipe for the table this week, please come forward now. Otherwise we may not leave the house & simply rummage through closets for 5 days looking for discarded items to package & reuse as gifts or in some cases, casseroles.


Ryan in Toronto... I need your help. I've got a couple of DVD projects which I understand you are 'da bomb' at.... I have cash money, american if you are in>>>