Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Updates & random rants

The pool is almost done! December 10th marked the 6th week of the pool construction but I was counting the permit process. Over several drinks & friendly banter, Pool Guy Dave told me you have to start counting at the day of the 'Big Dig' which would make the actual 6th week tomorrow; Dec. 18th. Right on Track!! We have the Pebble Tech. People coming tomorrow to finish the inside & then we put water in it Thurs. & can be swimming Friday night... if it isn't in the 40's or maybe we will just for grins.

The Eviction process sucks. If you were ever interested in owning rental property let me put your mind to rest: DON'T. I am more & more disappointed with people every time I get a new tenant. Take for example the latest in a string of evictions; Tenant Y. She needed a place to live in quick shape this summer as she was about to be on the 'skreet' with her 6 'chitlen'. I accepted a voucher for her entire deposit, & first month's rent - 100% courtesy of Housing & Urban Development (that's section 8 for those not in the loop.) She promptly refused me access to my house for repairs or inspections or basic maintenance. She knows her rights. Appears tenant Y has been through this before; I've counted 3 'delinquent tenant' charges in addition to my own that doesn't even speak to numerous criminal matters at hand. I did receive a call from her social worker today that seemed to lighten my mood. Tenant Y is attempting to hire a lawyer & has informed HUD8 & said lawyer that I am a racist who insults her with 'Hair-ASS-mens'. Why just last we spoke I had called her "Mentally Decapitated". tehetehetehe. & they say social workers don't have a sense of humor...

I'm having a GREEN Christmas. Not the tree, not the Holly, not the mistletoe - I mean the ECO-Green. The kind Al Gore claims to have invented along with the Internet. I was rushing out the door Sunday am with my coupons in hand, trying to get to the CVS for their weekend bargains of wrapping paper, ribbons & those little jingly bells I put on my packages; when I had an epiphany. I was going to be late if the line was long & guess what, the line was long.... I was going to be late. For what you ask.... CHURCH!!! yeah, isn't that the reason for the season. I didn't even go into the CVS, nope drove right past it. I decided there & then that I wasn't going to wrap any packages that could be disguised in a plain cardboard box. to the box, I added some recycled ribbon from old bows on the tree & fronts of the years' past Christmas cards.... Voila.... This is my contribution to Al's Green-Community. Take that you tree huggers! I do feel as though I've won the battle. We'll see how things turn out on Christmas morning when everyone gets a good hard look at the brown boxes & funky ribbon. I'll keep you posted.

Have yours'ELF' a Merry little Holiday!