Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 & beyond

I'm in a mood. I get that way sometimes. Reflective thoughts, future predictions, dreams/goals: the proverbial 'to do list' rolling about my scrabbled brain. What's new with this whole deal is that for the first time in well, ever; I don't feel like I need to accomplish anything unsurmountable. I'm good with where I am in life regarding work, family, and status. Yup, there are people who do much more than I to save the world. yup, there are people who have bigger/better houses & certainly more social creatures than I but I'm good. I've had a great year of change & for the first time ever, I would just like to maintain. I have goals but I'm pretty sure I can meet them with little effort. I like where this ride is going. Could be the age or it could be the zoloft... either way, I'm good; 'n you?