Saturday, March 31, 2007

The BEST part

We had room make-over spring break. Livi got an excellent report card so we decided that the princess themed room was too "little girl" for this young lady. She wanted to show her colors & be a big girl so she chose cheetah print/African themed stuff... it turned out way cool. Mags, I have the entire set of pretty princess stuff if the squish A is into that sort of thing...

Anyway, in cleaning out her room I found THE BEST thing ever. It was apparently a note she had written to Santa on Christmas eve & gotten stuck someplace & lost. Oh it's great: I'll translate below as the text is hard to pick up on the scanner:

"Dear Santa, I have 2 questions to ask you. Wade says Dasher is alergic to apples. Is he? How do you get sleep on Christmas? If there was a tiye between nice or bad would you give me toy shaped cole? Merry Chrismas! Hope you like the gingerbread! Olivia"

Is that the best or what???? I love these little things I find out about my kid. Yes, she still believes & probably will for the rest of her life!