Monday, January 22, 2007

A Change

For those who know me well, this is going to come as a huge shocker so brace yourselves.

I've given up my 8 year vodka binge & converted to whiskey. After several attempts at fail memories, & persistence from Johny Law I've come to the conclusion that vodka & tonic with a slight hint of lime is not the cure-all it once was in my life. Though the vodka is made from potatoes, the quinine in the tonic thwarts malaria infested mosquitoes & the lime fends off scurvy; by the wayside it goes. Having been introduced to Southern Comfort (SoCo) at a particularly religious moment in my life, the taste was more than soothing. I have imbibed for two weeks now with this fruity little friend & I see our relationship growing.

I tried to get a better picture but it's not listed on the internet. My bottle is black - 100% proof. You had to know that right?! Big news, big change jump on the train is moving fast. Whoo Whoo....