Saturday, August 18, 2007

Burnt Jacket Cliffs

While on Moosehead Lake; guests of the flying double G will witness breath taking stunts such as native rock free falling. Holy flying Double G - Batman - East Road Represent!!!

Robs on the board MHL

While in Maine...

You should all have a place to go to and escape the daily grind, the heat & all the loony's (OK, so maybe the people in Maine are a little loony but I like that kinda crazy!) We have finally returned from our whirl wind tour of the North. First we visited husband's fam in Wisconsin (the views from lake callahan) then on to Maine, Moosehead lake where we were visiting or rather submersing ourselves in family relations. It was terrific! June 27th thru Aug. 16th every minute used to the fullest in sucking up the wilderness, friends, booze & good times. Here is a pictorial display.
Connor in a bucket
Sweet but NAUGHTY (just like me)
My little mermaid
The view of the Emerald City