Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tomorrow is the Great American Teach In which means.... all of the professional people/parents of the world take a little break for their super important luncheons & spend the day with elementary school kids explaining what the fuck it is they do. Reading will be on hold for the day, so's we can shed some light on the more important things in life like dog training & mutual funds. (did I spell that right?) I will be taking a day OFF!

What does this mean... let's see.

I am not getting up at 6:25am
I am not getting my more than capable family ready for the day.
I am not making breakfast lunch or dinner.
I am not showering. (I may decide to brush me teeth.)
I am not putting in or taking out dogs or cats.
I am not cleaning anything that 'needs clean'.
I am not driving anywhere that I NEED to be.
I may very well start drinking at 8am!
I am going out with my friends for the first Wed. Nite out in a long time.
I am going to look damn FINE!
I am going to be online for as long as I damn well please with no interruptions!

I suppose this is my 'YES' day. go me.... I think I'll start the debauchery right now!!

Oh, I caught the boys as they were dancing around the fire pit, chanting & sacrificing wetland animals last night: Johnie Law, the little Mexican & Uncle Weed sure do make quite a group, kinda like lord of the flies...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ya, I'm a slacker

I know, I know... I'm just not on line as much anymore but being a babysitter/driver/grocery getter/maid/slumlord do girl/rockstar is time consuming! Cut me some slack. Here's me & Ma visiting with dog on Ma's bed. Better her's than mine!

This is my lovely daughter's Squid project for her science assignment. She did a great job but I have no idea what grade she got. It's that special ed class & I'm pretty sure they don't do 'grades' it's some fancy rubric which I won't understand giving me an assessment of her. I liked it & so did she...

Uncle Weed refused to be photographed so I thought I'd give you a shot of our nightly entertainment. My patio, a good glass of wine, my evil feline & a dish rag.

In closing I might add....