Tuesday, June 22, 2010


TODAY I'm just plain angry. I'm angry at BP. I'm angry at the presidents. I'm angry that nobody listens to me and I'm angry that the bigger things won't leave the smaller things alone. I'm angry at the stupid people who make everything worse for themselves and all of us. I'm angry that my butt is so big and my tummy's still hungry. I'm angry that my own body will not make up it's mind on if I should be in middle age or old age. I'm angry that I still get this angry. I'm just angry >:(

GS Camp went well. She doesn't even miss me. That could anger me but I think I'll change my position on that. She still loves me and that tiny spec of love will be enough to get me through the angries and then some. Writer's camp next week thru July. Will keep you posted.